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Educational cooking workshop: Samogitian Kastinys.

The Samogitians have an old traditional dish called Kastinys (sour cream butter) that has been especially highly valued for its unique taste. The making of Kastinys is so complicated that no other nations across the entire world except for some Lithuanian chefs can make it right. Would you like to learn how to make Samogitian Kastinys? We offer you a rare opportunity to take part in the educational cooking workshop to make Samogitian Kastinys. You will witness the entire process with your own eyes and then will have a change to try and make it yourself. The local master will reveal all the secrets of making real sour cream butter. You will be able to take the Kastinys you made with you and bring it home as a treat to your family.

  • Price 200 EUR

*Taxes not included

Educational cooking workshop: Lithuanian Spit Cake (Šakotis).

Without a doubt, most of you have tried the Lithuanian Spit Cake called Šakotis but have any of you seen it being made? We offer you to participate in the educational cooking workshop and make a Lithuanian Spit Cake. You will witness the birth of this delicacy in a wood-fired oven prepared by local chefs strictly following the culinary heritage recipes. Do not hesitate and join the cooking process. You can later taste the spit cake with a cup of homemade herbal tea.(The educational workshop is available only during the warm and dry season, from April to October)

  • Price 300 Eur

*Taxes not included

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