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Perhaps you are one of those modern-day people who highly value every possibility to get away from the business of life, slow down, take a break and put your feet up. Close your eyes and imagine how wonderful it would be to spend a day, or maybe an entire weekend, or – dare to dream! -  a whole week with your closest friends in an old countryside cottage on the bank of a river. This enigmatic holiday cottage is best known for its watermill that has been milling since 1851 and its dreamlike vistas: a beautiful dense forest, a large pond and a river, which make it a matchless place for taking a well deserved breather. Don’t miss a chance to pamper yourself and get some benefits for your health in our authentic sauna which is based on ancient traditions and features authentic sauna rituals performed by a qualified sauna master. Angelų Malūnas (Angels’ Mill) countryside tourism cottage is a perfect choice both for family gatherings and corporate events, such as seminars, gala dinners, etc. The cottage offers a spacious ancient function hall equipped with full range of video and audio devices and capable of accommodating parties of up to 60 guests. You are welcome to hold multi-day events as we can conveniently accommodate your guests in 10 comfortable rooms (up to 27 guests). If you are a fan of outdoor recreation, Angelų Malūnas will be delighted to offer you a variety of leisure activities, such as kayaking, catching trophy-size pikes, biking in the Varniai Regional Park or visiting centuries-old churches, hillforts and museums. The guests can choose to saty either in traditional rooms or on the campsite.  Angelų Malūnas countryside tourism cottage is located in the Varniai Regional Park (Kuršai), Kūlio Dauba Village, in the District of Telšiai. You are welcome to visit and explore the watermill which was constructed back in 1851, where you will learn of the grinding process used in the 19th century and have a cup of organic herbal tea. You can extend your stay and grill some sausages or play If you would like to spend some carefree days on the lake, rent a sauna or hold your special event in the country cottage, please call us at tel. +370 655 74447 or email [email protected]


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