Angelų Malūnas Mill Tour

Welcome to the old Angelų Malūnas mill! The tour guide will take you across the three floors of the mill with exhibitions of the old grinding equipment.  You will learn about the process of grain grinding and hear many interesting stories about the history of the old mill. You can have a cup of homemade herbal tea and explore the labyrinth of the four elements of nature and visit the magical oak. Having finished the tour, you can relax in the gazebo on the river bank near the mill and have your packed lunch or grill some sausages (the equipment and firewood is available at the cottage). The mill territory is also perfect for playing various games. Even a half-day spent at Angelų Malūnas will gift you memorable experiences.

  • Tour price: EUR 8.00 per person. 
  • Grilling equipment and firewood: EUR 5.00.

We offer guided tours in the Varniai Regional Park and Telšiai City

  • Southern circle route: Varniai – Vembūtai Hill Fort – Kūlgrinda – Bilioniai Hill Fort – Aukštagirė – Sightseeing Tower – Medvėgalis – Varniai (around 60 km). Duration: about 4 hours. 
  • We recommend the Kūlgrinda (hidden underwater stony roads across swamps) route for children no younger than 12 years of age. The route takes you across the forest and swamp barefoot. Please have a swimming suit with you.)
  • Northern circle tour: Varniai – Pavandenė (Moteraitis and Sprūdės Hill Forts and Sakeliai Mausoleum) – Šatrija – Biržuvėnai – Žąsūgala – Varniai (around 70 km). Duration:  about 4 hours. 

The routes are discussed and adjusted for each group before leaving!

We recommend visiting these places of interest when staying at Angelų Malūnas countryside tourism cottage

  • Šatrija Hill Fort is the largest hill fort in Lithuania offering beautiful vistas
  • Biržuvėnai Manor Homestead (Laumės pėda)
  • Mėdvėgalis Hill Fort
  • Moteraitis Hill Fort
  • Lopaičiai Hill Fort
  • Žvėrinčius Zoo
  • Debesnos Botanical Pathway will introduce the visitors of the regional park to the unique variety of fen plants, their prevalent species and plant communities. The length of the path is 2 km. Duration: 2 hours
  • Jomantai Forest Sightseeing Trail. The main purpose of the Jomantai Trail is educational, e.g. introduce the forest, the local natural monuments and inhabitants of the forest, its benefit to humans, the profession and duties of foresters, forest management and the old traditions. The length of the trail is 4 km. Duration: 3 hours.
  • Spigino Ragas Sightseeing Trail. The trail introduces the Spigino Ragas Peninsula and Island considered one of the most renowned archeological monuments in Lithuania. The ruins of a village dating back to the Mesolithic period and a large collection of flint tools were found there. The length of the trail is 2.5 km. Duration: 1.5 hours.
  • Paršežeris Sightseeing Footpath. The footpath stretches out across the Sietuva Nature Reserve for 13.8 km, 4.1 km out of which is a wooden path.  Visitors will come across 8 information boards, 16 benches, 40 guiding pointers and 3 wooden bridges along the trail.
  • Lūkstas Amber Trail located on the northern bank of Lūkstas Lake. Length: 1 km. Visitors will find 2 information boards, 1 guiding pointer and 5 information stands.
  • Aukštagirė Footpath and Bike Trail is located in the southern part of Varniai Regional Park. Trail length: 23 km. The main purpose of Aukštagirė Trail is to give the visitors a possibility to see the hilly landscapes of Samogitia and discover the natural and cultural monuments of the southern part of Varniai Regional Park, e.g. Medvėgalis and Bilioniai panoramas, Aukštagirė Geomorphological Reserves, Bilioniai and Medvėgalis historic and archeological complexes; architectural places of interest in Požerė Town and valuable habitats of local flora and fauna.
  • Žąsūgala Sightseeing Bike Trail Trail length: 32 km. Biking enthusiasts may choose from two operating bike rental centers either at Auksinio Elnio Dvaras Countryside Tourism Cottage ( or at Angelų Malūnas Countryside Tourism Cottage ( The trail leads towards Biržuvėnai Manor Complex passing by Biržuvėnai Hill Fort, the First World War German Cemetery, Manor Homestead, Ethnographic Museum and Laumės Pėda Gully. The trail continues on from Laumės Pėda Gully across Petraičiai Village Forest towards Jomantai Village, where Jomantai Forest Sightseeing Trail can be visited offering its own natural monuments (Jomantai Oak, Triple-Trunk Oak, Aklaežeris Lake, Jomantai Boulder). From here on out, the trail passes Sydeklis Lake and turns towards Žąsūgala Hill, where tourists can learn of the history of the hill, the valuable monuments of Žąsūgala Natural Reserve and Žąsūgala Linden Tree. The trail then continues to Sėbai Hill Fort located in the Virvyčia River valley and Kūlio Dauba Mill erected on the right bank of the Virvyčia across a bridge.

The bike trail can be roughly divided into two circles:

  • The first circle: Biržuvėnai, Jomantai, Žąsūgala, Sėbai, Kūlio Dauba, Baltininkai, Biržuvėnai (length: 32 km).
  • The second circle: Biržuvėnai, Žąsūgala, Sėbai, Kūlio Dauba, Baltininkai, Biržuvėnai (length: around 20 km).
  • Birdwatching enthusiasts will enjoy visiting two birdwatching towers near Stervas Natural Reserve and Biržulis Lake (at the headwaters of the Virvyčia River).

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