Kayak rental

The kayaks available for rent have padded seats, lightweight oars and easily adjustable life jackets.

Are you an experienced enthusiast of kayaking and have already experienced the joy of many Lithuanian rivers? Or maybe this is something you are willing to try? Kayaking down the Virvyčia River will enthrall both an experienced fan of kayaking and a newcomer.The Virvyčia is the left tributary of the Venta River and is known for its winding course with many loops. The Virvyčia guarantees an adventurous experience and mesmerizing pebbly bottom seen through its clear waters.


  • Kayak rental (kayak, oars, life jacket and kayak delivery) on weekdays: EUR 30.00.
  • Kayak rental on Saturday: EUR 34.00.
  • Hermetic bag for personal belongings: EUR 3.00.
  • Waterproof case for mobile phone: EUR 5.00 (you can keep the case).

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