Lithuanian bath

The bath at Angelų Malūnas offers an exclusive experience of real bath with all the pertaining ancient customs. Mr. Ričardas Rasiukas, our bath master, will be happy to share his extensive experience and knowledge. He gained his deep understanding of bath and mastered its rituals under the supervision of the highest bath experts in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Ural Region and the Eastern world. As a highly qualified specialist, Mr. Ričardas Rasiukas will reveal the secret how to correctly perform bath rituals to boost their benefits. The bath master will demonstrate the ancient customs of whisking, massage, body peel and lathering with soap suds and a birch bath whisk. This is the type of bath where all the four elements of nature (earth, water, fire and air) intertwine to grant peace, health and bliss. The synergy of stones, tree whisks and soothing steam grants the well-deserved peace of mind and the so-needed energy for the body. Traditional Lithuanian bath at Angelų Malūnas countryside tourism cottage is an excellent place for spending some quality time with your family and friends while enjoying some new experiences. It is also a great opportunity to surprise and entertain your business partners or VIP customers.

The bath at Angelų Malūnas offers:  

  • Allows experiencing the soothing, pleasant and fragrant steam. 
  • Steam bath with a steam-producing heater in the spirit of “fire through stone” 
  • Anteroom of 120 m2 
  • Separate exit to an outdoor terrace (100 m2) facing the river. 
  • Hot Jacuzzi (1 recliner + 9 seats) and splendid sights of the river and forest. 
  • Spacious and comfortable seats in the bath. 
  • Tables and benches. 
  • 3 showers and a restroom. 
  • Massage table for treatments and relaxation.

Have you ever been to a bath with a bath master? Do not hesitate to discover the whole new world of bath.
After all, hospitals have doctors and schools have teachers, which means that, naturally, baths must have bath masters. Bath masters ensure safety, proper temperature, humidity and ventilation of a bath and are pleased to share their expertise , skills and talent  to pamper those who come to enjoy bath.

Health Benefits of bath 

The countless and exceptional benefits of bath have already been well known to our ancestors and grandparents. Batj combines all the magic elements of nature: fire, water, stone and air, along with bath whisks made from trees and herbs. When all these elements are enveloped in powerful steam, all their natural benefits get released and are absorbed by a human being who is granted that immensely blissful and divine feeling. bath is a place for whisking rituals, body cleansing, diving into the world of fragrances and health treatments. In other words, bath is a place for cleansing the body and soul, a place where you can truly rest.  Bath is a pleasant experience which is good for your body. Every visit to a ath is one of a kind, magic and unforgettable, be it just a physical body warm-up or a delightful recreation in peace and serenity. Bath gives people a priceless possibility to slow down, relax and pamper the body and soul after a long day. Hot bath helps you feel better, look younger and sleep deeper. The time spend in a bath does not count as your age!

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